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Green Cars

Japanese Automakers Begin New Charging-Station Company

While some might say that the car industry is all about competition, this isn’t 100% true. Honda, Toyota, Nissan, and Mitsubishi are coming together, along with the Development Bank of Japan, to found Nippon Charge Service LLC, a new charging-station company in Japan.

Green Cars

Automakers have joined together to support a new car charging-station company.

The four Japanese carmakers helped the company get started by giving it 80 million yen, or $786,000 US. Nippon Charge Service LLC, which was establishes to promote plug-in vehicle charging installations across Japan, will help business owners incorporate charging stations at convenience stores, highway-side locales, and other locations to make it easier for plug-in vehicle drivers to charge their cars. The four automakers hope to triple the country’s current number of publicly accessible chargers to around 17,000 units.

While the chargers will exclusively charge plug-in vehicles from Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, and Nissan, Nippon Charge Service will follow in the footsteps of the EZ Charge system in the US, which uses a universally-accepted charging card to drivers who own these brands’ plug-ins. This will allow for the process to be significantly more seamless.

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Honda Fit EV Named a Top Green Car

The Honda FIT EV was recently named one of KBB.com’s 10 Best Green Cars.

The Fit EV, one of Honda’s newest alternative fuel vehicles, features a completely electric- and battery-powered motor that can be charged using any household outlet. The car is chargeable in less than three hours, and lasts for an estimated 82 miles per charge.

The experts at KBB.com made an “easy choice” by picking the Fit EV for its top 10 list, noting its excellent power and efficiency. This ranking makes the Fit EV one of the top electric vehicles currently available on the auto market.

“Consumers only have one choice for the most energy efficient electric vehicle – the Honda Fit EV,” said Honda spokesperson Art St. Cyr. “This recognition from KBB.com further highlights the tremendous environmental and customer value that the Honda Fit EV offers.”

The Honda Fit EV is currently only available at select locations around the United States. To find out how you can lease a FIT EV, visit www.FitEV.Honda.com.

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