Honda’s ECO Assist fuel-conserving technology was recently selected by Green Car Journal as one of the top 10 green car technologies for 2013, making it a finalist for the journal’s Green Car Technology Award.

The innovative ECO Assist technology features a speedometer backlight that monitors driving performance and helps drivers learn the best driving techniques to conserve fuel. The meter responds to driving based on fuel efficiency, with different colors representing different levels of fuel efficient driving. Smooth driving and braking will produce a green-colored meter, while more forceful accelerating and stopping generates a blue warning light.

On top of ECO Assist, Honda drivers also have the option to use an ECON button located on dashboards that optimizes systems based on driving situations to further save fuel.

Hybrid Honda models feature a display with more in-depth fuel-conservation information. These models provide long-term driving information for drivers, including statistics from past trips and average fuel economy numbers.

2013 marks the first year of Green Car Journal’s Green Car Technology Award. The award acknowledges innovations in fuel-efficiency, emission control and other environmental concerns for automobiles currently in production.

To find out more about ECO Assist technology and other Honda features, visit Honda’s website.

ECO-Assist is available on several new Honda models available at Avery Greene Honda, including the 2013 Civic, Insight, CR-V and Accord. For a full list of Avery Greene models, check out our New Cars page!