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Month: September 2015

New Honda Commercial “Ignition” Is One of the Best Yet

The new Honda commercial called “Ignition” will blow you away. It packs a ton of imagery and action into a 90-second clip that references all of the best things from the automaker’s heritage—like Formula 1 racing, aviation, robotics, and of course its consumer automobiles.

You’ll get a glimpse of Asimo the Robot, current McLaren-Honda driver Jenson Button, the all-new HR-V, the upcoming Civic Type R, and even the voice the late Ayrton Senna, one of the most revered Formula 1 driver of all time. The ad was created by the British firm Wieden+Kennedy for Honda Motor Europe and ends with the following tagline: “Dare to do what others only dream of.”

We have to admit it’s one of the brand’s best commercials yet. It’s grand and orchestral and although the whole thing runs 90 seconds, there’s so much shown that it’ll probably take more than single viewing to absorb everything. We certainly won’t mind watching again.


McLaren-Honda Team to Match Ferrari in Engine Power at Spa

checkered flagHonda had a lot of catching up to do when it rejoined Formula 1 a year after the new power unit regulations had kicked in, but they’re quickly getting the McLaren-Honda team back in shape and in the midst of competition. Though the team struggled early in the season, it managed a 5th place result at the last Grand Prix in Hungary and continues to improve.

Now, Honda says it will introduce an updated F1 engine at the Belgian Grand Prix that will match the power output of Ferrari—one of the top teams this year—which should make the car significantly more competitive.

“Mk 3 [will be introduced] in Spa [and] we have already started development on next season’s power unit,” said Honda motorsport chief Yasuhisa Arai. “Mk 4 will be on the same level as Mercedes, that is the target; Mk 3 will be on a level similar to Ferrari, which is what we’re aiming for. It’s a big step.”

The new power unit will include a revised internal combustion engine with changes to the combustion chamber, intake, gear-train system, and exhaust layout. Avery Greene Honda looks forward to seeing how the team handles the famous Eau Rouge corner at the Belgian Grand Prix!

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