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Month: February 2013

Honda Introduces Grass-Mowing Robot

The Honda Miimo, Honda’s personal robot lawnmower, is currently on display at the 2013 Honda Classic golf tournament.

The Miimo is Honda’s first domestic robot that is widely available for public use. The robot operates by continuously trimming designated areas several times a week via sensors and below-ground boundaries. Miimo cuts just millimeters of grass at a time, allowing grass clippings to naturally recycle back into soil where they act as a fertilizer. The result is a healthy and effort-free lawn that is consistently trimmed.

Miimo also utilizes safety sensors that shut the robot off and sound an alarm when the device leaves the ground. Sensors will detect close objects, which Miimo will avoid. The robot is easily chargeable via a simple docking station.

Miimo will be on display from today through March 3 at the 2013 Honda Classic golf tournament, an event on the PGA Tour. The robot will demonstrate its functions between the 10th and 18th fairways, as well as at the main entrance of the golf course.

“Honda Power Equipment always has worked hard to produce products that help people get things done with maximum convenience and ease,” said Scott Conner, Vice President of Honda Power Equipment. “The Miimo robotic lawn mower is the ultimate expression of those efforts”

For more information on Miimo and other Honda innovations, visit Honda’s website.

Avery Greene Honda continues to support Honda innovation both inside and outside the automobile industry. Many 2013 Honda automobiles, including the Accord, Civic and Pilot, feature advancements in safety, comfort and green technology. Avery Greene features a full line of 2013 Honda vehicles, plus a great selection of used vehicles. Stop by our website for more information!

Honda Offers Discounts on Solar Energy to Customers

Honda has joined forces with SolarCity to help make solar energy more practical and affordable for Honda and Acura customers.

The campaign, which aims to bring attention to climate change and decrease CO2 emissions from cars, homes and buildings, will offer $65 million nationwide to subsidize initial solar power startup costs for Honda and Acura customers’ homes. By reducing or removing costs to install solar energy units, Honda hopes to ease the transitions to solar energy from utilities and ultimately lower monthly bills for consumers.

“At Honda, we are always looking at ways to improve the lives of our customers while reducing our environmental footprint,” said Steven Center, a Honda spokesperson. “We believe Honda and Acura customers are going to be very interested in going solar once they find out that they can install solar at their home with little or no upfront cost, can lower their monthly utility bill, and can make a positive contribution to protecting the environment.”

This campaign will mark the first partnership between an auto manufacturer and a solar energy organization. The offer is available for Honda customers in the 14 states that Solar City services, including California, Oregon, Washington and Colorado.

To learn more about the campaign, or to find out if you are eligible for the solar energy offer, visit

Avery Greene Honda continuously supports the ongoing environmental efforts of Honda and Solar City. To view Avery Greene Honda’s wide selection of environmentally-conscious cars, visit our New and Used cars pages. For more information about Avery Greene Honda, visit our website or give us a call at (800) 707-4733.

Contest to Meet ASIMO Begins This Week

A contest to meet ASIMO, Honda’s friendly human assistant robot, was launched this week for the robot’s Facebook fans.

The contest, which will last from February 11 to March 7, will allow fans a chance to win a three-night, four-person stay at The Disneyland Resort. During this time, the winners will attend one of ASIMO’s shows at the theme park, with the exclusive chance to meet the robot after the show.

Fans of ASIMO on Facebook can enter the contest by submitting photos of themselves with a “printable ASMIO,” answering why they love the robot, and correctly answering five trivia questions. The submission period ends on February 25, after which 25 finalists will be selected. Facebook fans will then vote on the finalists, with the most popular winning the grand prize trip.

For more information on the contest, or to enter to win, visit the official contest page.

ASIMO was first conceived in 1986 by Honda engineer, with the purpose of assisting people in their homes. ASIMO debuted in 2002, and has since become a popular attraction both in public displays and on Facebook.

To learn more about ASIMO, visit the official ASIMO website.

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Green Car Journal Names Honda ECO Assist a Top Green Technology

Honda’s ECO Assist fuel-conserving technology was recently selected by Green Car Journal as one of the top 10 green car technologies for 2013, making it a finalist for the journal’s Green Car Technology Award.

The innovative ECO Assist technology features a speedometer backlight that monitors driving performance and helps drivers learn the best driving techniques to conserve fuel. The meter responds to driving based on fuel efficiency, with different colors representing different levels of fuel efficient driving. Smooth driving and braking will produce a green-colored meter, while more forceful accelerating and stopping generates a blue warning light.

On top of ECO Assist, Honda drivers also have the option to use an ECON button located on dashboards that optimizes systems based on driving situations to further save fuel.

Hybrid Honda models feature a display with more in-depth fuel-conservation information. These models provide long-term driving information for drivers, including statistics from past trips and average fuel economy numbers.

2013 marks the first year of Green Car Journal’s Green Car Technology Award. The award acknowledges innovations in fuel-efficiency, emission control and other environmental concerns for automobiles currently in production.

To find out more about ECO Assist technology and other Honda features, visit Honda’s website.

ECO-Assist is available on several new Honda models available at Avery Greene Honda, including the 2013 Civic, Insight, CR-V and Accord. For a full list of Avery Greene models, check out our New Cars page!

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