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Month: November 2012

Avery Greene Honda Civic Sale

Right now, qualified buyers can receive 0.9% APR financing on all Honda Civic models! This sale is going on now at Avery Greene.

The Civic is available in a number of iterations, for a buyer looking for any combination of power and fuel efficiency, style and comfort. The Honda Civic is available in both a sedan and coupe model with each of its engines.

The Civic Hybrid has been selected as a Best Family Car by Parents magazine and This hybrid obtains an average of 44 MPG city and the same MPG on the highway. The Civic Hybrid also has a quick way to boost your efficiency via the ECON button, which puts the car into an energy-saving mode. In ECON mode, the hybrid’s engine and other systems are automatically configured to operate more efficiently. Eco Assist also helps drivers by displaying information about current fuel efficiency.

Honda Accord Most Stolen Car in America

The Honda Accord routinely earns awards for durability, dependability, performance, and style. One of the older Accord models has just received a rather dubious award: According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), the most stolen car in America is the 1994 Honda Accord.

The reason? Lots of older Accords are still on the road, far more than other vehicles of the same class. The Honda Accord was 1994’s bestselling sedan, and continued to be for most of the 1990s.

Of course, many of these thefts can be easily avoided. Drivers can simply lock their vehicles, as 50 percent of vehicles stolen are unlocked.  Also, 25 percent of all vehicle thefts occur because a wallet or purse is in plain sight, and 15 percent of all stolen cars have a key in the ignition.  Sometimes avoiding being a victim of theft is just common sense.

The top ten most stolen cars in America, according to the NCIB are:

  1. 1994 Honda Accord
  2. 1998 Honda Civic
  3. 2006 Ford F-150
  4. 1991 Toyota Camry
  5. 2000 Dodge Caravan
  6. 1994 Acura Integra
  7. 1999 Chevrolet Silverado
  8. 2004 Dodge Ram
  9. 2002 Ford Explorer
  10. 1994 Nissan Sentra

Honda Reaches 1 Million Mark in Hybrid Sales

Honda has long been synonymous with dependability and efficiency.  Recently, the Japanese automaker announced that its sales of hybrid vehicles surpassed one million units.

The journey started in November of 1999 when the first generation Honda Insight was released.  When the Insight reached American shores in 2000, it was rated at 49 mpg city and 61 mpg highway.  Its combined rating of 53 mpg ranked it as the world’s most fuel efficient vehicle among all mass-production gasoline-powered vehicles.

The bulk of Honda’s hybrid sales have come from overseas buyers.  The Insight was the first hybrid vehicle to be sold in America, and since then the Insight and Honda Civic hybrid have accounted for the majority of Honda’s sale in the U.S. market, which currently is more than 318,000 units.

Honda plans to continue to pioneer hybrid technology both domestically and abroad as it enters into the mid-sized hybrid segment.  According to Honda’s release, “Honda is introducing new hybrid systems for mid-size models that will be equipped with a two-motor hybrid system.  Additionally, a highly-efficient and high-output three-motor hybrid system, the Sport Hybrid SH-AWD® (Super Handling All Wheel Drive), offers[s] both superior dynamic handling and fuel efficiency.”

Honda Brings Two Cool Displays to SEMA

Honda is making its presence known at the 2012 Specialty Equipment Marketing Association (SEMA) show, where the industry’s brightest minds and hottest products are congregating in Las Vegas.

Honda brought a range of customized vehicles to the show floor, including a 2013 Accord with Honda’s X-Package styling and an Accord coupe with the new Honda Factory Performance Package.

The HFP package includes 19-inch alloy wheels, spoilers on all sides and underbody, lowered suspension, and exterior decor. Honda plans to sell only 500 HFP coupes in 2013.

The X-Package is now available for the Honda Accord, providing aerodynamic styling through underbody spoilers and a sporty grille. It also includes a rear-wing spoiler and adds a cost of $2,171 to the Accord Sedan.

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