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Month: September 2012

Best and Worst States for Car Ownership

The same model may have a similar price tag at dealerships nationwide, but the cost of owning that vehicle can vary dramatically by region. recently rated all 50 states using its Automotive Misery Index.

The Misery Index factors the cost of gas, miles driven and cost of insurance in every state.  It then compiles those numbers together to figure out what percentage of a state’s average household income goes toward car ownership: the higher the percentage, the higher the misery.

What’s the worst state to live in according to Car’s Misery Index? Mississippi.  Mississippians drive a ton, spend a lot on gas and have the lowest average income of any state.  Once those factors are combined with above average insurance costs, residents of Mississippi spend 11.6% of their annual income on their cars.

The next four worst states to live in after Mississippi are Oklahoma, Louisiana, West Virginia and Georgia.  The top five states, in order from one to five, are: New Hampshire, Alaska, Connecticut, Colorado and Washington.

Accord sales start Wednesday

Honda is building the new Accord at a record rate, with sales starting this week. Competition from Toyota, Nissan, and Ford will likely intensify, with midsize sedans becoming a main focus for manufacturers this year.

“Midsize sedans are where everyone is putting their resources right now,” said Michael Robinet, managing director for industry consultant IHS Automotive in a recent interview with Businessweek. “It’s a knockdown, drag-out battle in that segment.”

Output of LX, Sport and EX grades of Honda’s flagship sedan with four- and six-cylinder engines will continue to increase throughout the year at the Ohio Honda plant.


CR-V wins Compact SUV Shootout

The Honda CR-V took the top spot in the, USA Today and MotorWeek $25k Compact SUV Shootout. asked real families to test drive several under-$25 small SUVs, and the test drivers loved the CR-V’s features and comfort. The SUV got points for great technical conveniences, including easy-to-use Bluetooth features and a standard touch screen.  Interior ergonomics and a sunroof, even at lower price points, also made for a great passenger experience. One mom commented that the CR-V “drives like a dream!”

Beating out the Mazda CX-5, Chevy Equinox, and Ford Escape, the CR-V takes the prize in this test drive!

Americans Love their Cars More than Ever

Are you in love with your car? Are the two of you inseparable? Are you even considering getting down on one knee and popping the question?

Okay, maybe you’re not that obsessed? But according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (or ACSI if acronyms are your thing), the automotive industry’s overall ranking for customer satisfaction is higher now than it has been in twenty years!

We at Avery Greene Honda can’t say we’re too surprised. Automakers all around the world, especially Honda, have been stepping up their game to deliver quality products—vehicles achieving unbelievable power without sacrificing fuel efficiency; vehicles laden with the latest infotainment and connected technology; vehicles achieving the highest safety scores possible all across the board; vehicles, in other words, that just plain rock!

Want to check out some of the vehicles that consumers really seem to take to? Then stop by Avery Greene Honda today and consider test driving the CR-V, the Accord, the Civic, the Odyssey, or any of Honda’s other critically-acclaimed vehicles!

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