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Month: August 2012

Blue Skies for our Children

Honda and fuel efficiency have been synonymous for decades. But even with cars like the Civic and the Fit, Honda is not just aiming for higher EPA ratings than those of its competitors; Honda’s main goal is to promote a healthy environment for our future generations.

That’s why Honda’s slogan promises “blue skies for our children.” As part of that promise, Honda set a goal in 2006 to reduce emissions from its entire vehicle lineup (as well as power products) by 10% by the end of 2010, in comparison to 2000 levels. After meeting that goal, the Japanese automaker set an even greater goal—an emissions reduction of 30% by the end of 2020 when compared to 2000.

As a testament to Honda’s “Blue Skies for our Children,” the car manufacturer has launched a series of short films about all the ways that Honda employees are promoting a greener (or bluer) future. The first clip to appear was called “Paint by Numbers” and can be viewed below!

And if you’ve got any ways that you personally strive to promote blue skies for our children, leave a comment below, or stop in to Avery Greene Honda and tell us in person!

All-New 2013 Honda Accord to Feature Exterior Updates

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the photos that Honda just released of the all-new 2013 Honda Accord. All of us at Avery Greene Honda are thrilled with several of the new design aspects for this perennial favorite.

As you’ll see by the photos, the Accord takes on a bold new grille that gives it a fierce growl when combined with the hood’s multiple styling lines. Add to that strong side curves, and you’ve got a sedan that looks like its racing down the roadway, even at a standstill. The all-new Accord features a tapered back and deeply contoured rocker panels for a sportier look. Drivers can expect updated taillights, headlights, and LED running lights to complete the enhanced luxury appeal of this year’s Accord.

The updates don’t stop on the outside, however. Step into the brand new Accord and be prepared to be blown away. You’ll find updated features for increased passenger comfort and convenience, as well as even greater cargo space and more interior room for passengers in the rear seating, in both the sedan and coupe.

Keep an eye out for the Accord, which will be arriving here at Avery Greene Honda sometime next month!

Men Use GPS More Than Women

“Honey, just pull over and ask that nice lady right there,” instructs the sensible wife, pointing to the old woman on the street corner.

“No, I know exactly where we are,” replies the defiant husband as he plunges his family deeper into the tangled web of streets that he cannot actually navigate.

Sound a little too familiar for your liking? It seems like all men will refuse the logical decision when it means having to swallow their pride and ask for assistance, which is why most men will never be bothered to stop and ask for directions—even when they desperately need them. But what about behind closed doors? What about when a man doesn’t have to go out of his way to ask another person, but instead just a machine?

According to a recent study conducted by AAMI, an Australian insurance company, more men than women will actually consult a GPS when they don’t know where they’re going! In fact, only 50% of women use a GPS whereas an astonishing 64% of men will check one during a trip. How’s that for a total reversal?

Whether you use a GPS or not, there’s always one place you should know how to get to—and that’s Avery Greene Honda! Stop by today and check out our latest specials, or schedule your vehicle for routine maintenance from our award-winning service department!

Car Manufacturers Offering More Small Cars

Not too long ago, small cars like the Honda Fit were thought of as “econoboxes,” offering as little as possible—no special conveniences, no luxury interiors, no awesome sound systems, nothing. As the demand for small cars rises, however, we’re noticing a change—and we’re definitely okay with that!

In fact, J.D. Power and Associates’ own Dave Sargent, director of global automotive operations, just commented on this changing trend: “Automakers are designing better [compact] cars than we’ve ever seen. It’s not just one or two manufacturers. It’s across the board, which means that for consumers it’s a great time to be in the car market.”

Sargent goes on to say, “The average compact car today is as good as the midsize car a person might now be trading in.”

So if you want to increase fuel efficiency and maybe even improve your parking prowess, consider dropping off your gas-chugging sedan or truck here at Avery Greene Honda and driving away in something smaller and more stylish like the Fit or the Fit EV—with all the standard features you could ever want!

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