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Month: July 2012

Honda N Box + Unveiled

Honda unveiled the N Box last November and due to its great success, Honda has created the N Box+.  The cargo van is to be an improvement on its predecessor, featuring increased versatility and innovative ways to load and unload cargo.

What is catching most consumers’ eyes is the unique styling.  After all, that is how the vehicle got its name.  The “N” is because the van is part of Honda’s N-line of vehicles, and the “Box” comes from its unmistakable shape.

The N Box+ aims to be a more practical version of the N Box, and it’s doing so through a couple innovative features.  The “Universal Bridge” is a U-Haul like ramp that extends from the back of the vehicle.  This allows drivers to easily load and unload items on wheels.

The N Box+ also boasts a “Multi-space system”, which is composed of three versatile boards of different sizes.  The boards can be arranged in a number of different variations, including a bed and cargo mode.

Unfortunately -or fortunately depending on your opinion of the van’s unique exterior- the N Box+ will only be available in Japan.

Honda Summer Clearance Event going on now at Avery Greene Honda

It’s the time of year to make way for new models and clear out this year’s cars. Avery Greene Honda is part of this year’s Honda Summer Clearance Event, and right now, great deals on all Honda makes are available.

The Accord, Civic Si, Odyssey, and Ridgeline are all available with a special 0.9% APR financing offer for 24-36 months, allowing qualified buyers a great start to their car ownership. Honda’s financial services offers a variety of financing packages that help you maintain or build great credit while affording a great car.

Not interested in buying? Check out our low offers and low at-signing prices on the Civic, Crosstour, and Pilot. These family-friendly vehicles can be yours for a lower price and without the commitment of a full-on purchase, and you can replace any lease with a newer model at the end of your leasing agreement.

Avery Greene Honda also has great deals on used cars! The Used-Under-$7,000 lot is full, and specials on certified pre-owned Hondas are always available.

The 2012 Honda Fit Named Most Affordable Small Car

U.S. News: Rankings and Reviews ( named the 2012 Honda Fit the Most Affordable Small Car.  The 2012 Fit beat out 40 other small vehicles, and the ranking is based on the U.S. News’ analysis of 37 published test drives and reviews.

“The 2012 Honda Fit is a great choice because with its ample and flexible interior space, it can tackle nearly anything your family throws at it,” said U.S. News in its review.

The 2012 Honda Fit provides a driver with plenty of available gadgets and storage capacity that is often lost in a subcompact car.  The Fit also has a “magic seat” that collapses and provides enough rear storage to fit a bicycle.  Even with the seats up, the back row is able to accommodate three adults or two car-seats comfortably.

The 2012 Fit also offers an available navigation system, Bluetooth wireless technology and keyless entry, so a driver never feels out of touch with technology.

U.S. News also named the 2012 Honda Fit the Best Hatchback and Best Subcompact Car for Families.  To read their full review, visit

Honda Set to be First Auto Manufacturer to Recycle Hybrid Car Batteries

Honda announced in a press release last week that the Japanese auto manufacturer will begin recycling the rare earth materials from Nickel-Metal-Hydride batteries used in their hybrid vehicles.

Honda has partnered with Japan Metals & Chemicals to create a process that will recycle rare earth materials.  Honda believes that the process will return 80 percent or more of the rare elements utilized in Nickel-Metal-Hydride batteries, which will be used to create new batteries.

The 17 rare materials, including Yttrium, Lanthanum, Gadolinium and Thulium, are used in many common household electronics, such as TVs, microwaves, cameras and computers.  Honda plans to apply this same process toward the recycling of in-car electronics that use the same materials.

China supplies 90 percent of rare earth materials to the global market, and the Asian nation has reported the reserves are dwindling at a worrying rate.  Honda’s efforts could set precedence for other manufacturers and could help to sustain the world’s rare earth material deposits.

This is just the latest environmental effort from Honda, whose ultimate goal is to harness renewable energy. “In the long term, we hope to move to renewable energy sources that won’t harm the environment,” said Honda President, Takanobu Ito.

Avery Greene Honda Hosts 4th of July Event

Avery Greene Honda is proud to host the Honda 4th of July event! Now through July 9, several Honda models are available with lowered financing. Discounted leasing offers are also available.

The Honda Accord, Civic, Civic Si, Civic Hybrid, Crosstour, Odyssey and Pilot are all available for 0.9% APR financing for 24-60 months for qualified buyers. Each of these vehicles come in a variety of trim and package options to suit every need.

Not looking to buy? Avery Greene Honda is also offering $0 down at lease signing on family-friendly rides such as the Civic, CR-V and more! Honda leasing offers competitive rates and more options than the average lease – from flexible terms to various mileage allowances. More flexible plans mean you can pick the one that’s right for you and enjoy the benefits and reliability that come with driving a new Honda.

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