The Honda Super Cub, a small, affordable scooter, the all-time best-selling vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine, with over 60 million sold worldwide. According to Road and Track, the Japan Patent Office has now awarded the 56-year-old super scooter with a 3D, or Shape, trademark – making it the first ever to be granted to an automaker in Japan.

The Super Cub was sold in the U.S. under the nameplate “Passport” until 1983, and has been offered with a number of different engines, though its original design hasn’t changed much. The scooter has become so popular, that several companies outside of Japan make knock-offs. While the trademark may not do much to help stop the fakes, the trademark is a huge victory for Honda and its iconic scooter.

This raises the question, why don’t we have the Super Cub here in the U.S., and how can we get it back? We think the residents of Vallejo, CA, and other cities nationwide could put these things to good use!

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