Admit it: last time you watched any of the Chris Nolan Batman trilogy, you found yourself thinking, “Man I want to drive that thing,” whenever Batman got behind the wheel of one of his various Batmobiles. If you’re like us here at Avery Greene Honda, though, you might be especially interested in the motorcycles, like the one that Catwoman drives around toward the end of The Dark Knight Rises. You’re in luck: here comes Honda with the new NM4 motorcycle.

While the NM4 actually takes a lot of its design inspiration from the Akira universe—something that will be familiar to any fans of Japanese manga or anime out there—with its gracefully bulky, black sculpture, the NM4 would look totally at home in a Nolan movie. The NM4’s keywords during design included “COOL” and “the Neo-futuristic,” and the finished exhibition model certainly delivers.

The new bike debuted at the 2014 Osaka Motorcycle Show; actually, Honda brought two different exhibition models along, an all-black one as well as one with white accents. We’re still waiting for word on when exactly this innovative new bike will hit the market, so make sure to check back with us often on the blog for updates. For now, simply enjoy these great photos of the brand new NM4!