“Honey, just pull over and ask that nice lady right there,” instructs the sensible wife, pointing to the old woman on the street corner.

“No, I know exactly where we are,” replies the defiant husband as he plunges his family deeper into the tangled web of streets that he cannot actually navigate.

Sound a little too familiar for your liking? It seems like all men will refuse the logical decision when it means having to swallow their pride and ask for assistance, which is why most men will never be bothered to stop and ask for directions—even when they desperately need them. But what about behind closed doors? What about when a man doesn’t have to go out of his way to ask another person, but instead just a machine?

According to a recent study conducted by AAMI, an Australian insurance company, more men than women will actually consult a GPS when they don’t know where they’re going! In fact, only 50% of women use a GPS whereas an astonishing 64% of men will check one during a trip. How’s that for a total reversal?

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