Not too long ago, small cars like the Honda Fit were thought of as “econoboxes,” offering as little as possible—no special conveniences, no luxury interiors, no awesome sound systems, nothing. As the demand for small cars rises, however, we’re noticing a change—and we’re definitely okay with that!

In fact, J.D. Power and Associates’ own Dave Sargent, director of global automotive operations, just commented on this changing trend: “Automakers are designing better [compact] cars than we’ve ever seen. It’s not just one or two manufacturers. It’s across the board, which means that for consumers it’s a great time to be in the car market.”

Sargent goes on to say, “The average compact car today is as good as the midsize car a person might now be trading in.”

So if you want to increase fuel efficiency and maybe even improve your parking prowess, consider dropping off your gas-chugging sedan or truck here at Avery Greene Honda and driving away in something smaller and more stylish like the Fit or the Fit EV—with all the standard features you could ever want!