Honda unveiled the N Box last November and due to its great success, Honda has created the N Box+.  The cargo van is to be an improvement on its predecessor, featuring increased versatility and innovative ways to load and unload cargo.

What is catching most consumers’ eyes is the unique styling.  After all, that is how the vehicle got its name.  The “N” is because the van is part of Honda’s N-line of vehicles, and the “Box” comes from its unmistakable shape.

The N Box+ aims to be a more practical version of the N Box, and it’s doing so through a couple innovative features.  The “Universal Bridge” is a U-Haul like ramp that extends from the back of the vehicle.  This allows drivers to easily load and unload items on wheels.

The N Box+ also boasts a “Multi-space system”, which is composed of three versatile boards of different sizes.  The boards can be arranged in a number of different variations, including a bed and cargo mode.

Unfortunately -or fortunately depending on your opinion of the van’s unique exterior- the N Box+ will only be available in Japan.