You may recognize Honda as one of the most popular companies for car buyers in the United States. It may surprise you, however, to find out that Hondas are well-liked among another group of people: in a recent report from LoJack Corporation, the Honda Accord and Civic were named the top two most stolen and recovered cars in 2012.

What makes these two models such hot items for thieves?  Before Honda owners start to worry, one of the primary reasons is that, as two of the most popular vehicles available in the United States, there are more Civics and Accords on the road than other models.  This means there are Hondas available for a thief to steal, and the cars’ popularity allows thieves to blend into traffic. The popularity of the two models also creates a higher demand for their parts on the black market.

The good news is that the majority of these thefts are preventable. The LoJack Vehicle Recovery System is available for both the Civic and Accord and maintained a 94% recovery success rate in 2012.

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Avery Greene Honda offers LoJack Recovery Services for vehicles to ensure you don’t fall prey to car theft. To learn more about two of the most popular cars on the road, stop by our dealership to test drive the 2013 Accord or 2013 Civic today.