If you think the in-car technology available today is advanced, just wait until you see what the future has in store.  At this year’s Nvidia GPU Technology Conference (GTC), a number of automotive groups, including Honda, displayed new and exciting driver gadgets that make today’s technology look like something from the Flintstones.

Honda’s focus during the seminars was on the development of a more advanced heads-up display system with additional features. Honda demonstrated three new technologies currently in development that are focused on improving a driver’s situational awareness, responsiveness and safety.

The first system featured was a new heads-up display system.  The system not only projects a driver’s current speed and turn-by-turn directions, but it also displays street names on the windshield of the car, improving the driver’s visibility of the projections and the road.

The second item was a nine-square grid screen near the top of the windshield.  Your car will appear as the center square, glowing green.  When a car moves into one of the eight other spots around your car, the corresponding square turns red to indicate the close proximity. This is a more advanced version of blind spot detection or cross traffic alert.

The third technology demonstrated was a projected path system.  The system examines roads ahead of the car for traffic and potential danger. When turning left, for example, if traffic were oncoming, a red path would be displayed.  This technology is more accurate than the human eye, because it can determine when the path is safest by calculating the speed and distance of the oncoming traffic.

These new technologies may sound like they came straight from a sci-fi movie or cartoon, but they could be showing up in our cars in just a few years. To find out more about current Honda safety features available for the 2013 line of cars, visit averygreenehonda.com. Also, keep checking in with us or stop by our dealership for the latest Honda news!