Whether you stick near the San Francisco Bay area or head south to Big Sur, there are plenty of waves to catch along the Pacific coast here in California. Paddleboarding has become a popular hobby among outdoorsy folks in Vallejo, so here’s some advice on how to transport a paddleboard in your Honda SUV or truck from Avery Greene Honda.

Transporting a paddleboard in a Honda truck

You may be tempted to simply toss your paddleboard in the bed of your Honda Ridgeline and hit the road, but you should take the time to secure it properly. Use the cargo tie-down hooks to rope down the paddleboard tightly so it doesn’t slide around or lift off while you’re driving on the highway.

A great tool for transporting a paddleboard in a Honda truck is a truck rack, which allows you to store your board horizontally and still have room for other equipment. Pads are also essential so the board doesn’t knock against the tailgate and receive damage.

Transporting a paddleboard in a Honda SUV

Securing a paddleboard in a Honda SUV is not as straightforward, especially if you drive a compact crossover like the CR-V. Installing a roof-rail rack to your Honda SUV is the best solution; it provides easy rooftop fastening and transportation without impeding on seating space within the cabin.

If you don’t have roof rails on your Honda SUV, you’ll have to slide the paddleboard into the cabin. Buy some foam blocks and bungee cords to keep the board from sliding around while you drive.

Larger SUVs like the Pilot are big enough to hold a paddleboard with the liftgate closed, but you may need to stick the board out the rear or side windows. If you do, make sure it’s not obstructing your view or being a hazard to other drivers.

Want to install some paddleboard transportation accessories on your Honda SUV? Contact the parts department at Avery Greene Honda.