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Fall Car Care Tips | Avery Greene Honda | Vallejo, CA

3 Fall Car Care Tips for Vallejo, CA

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Once fall arrives in Northern California, the temperatures get cooler, the weather gets wetter, and the days get shorter. The change in seasons gives you an excellent opportunity to catch up on some important vehicle maintenance. Here are three of the most important service tasks to take care of this autumn.

Check the lights

With the sun setting earlier and rising later, it’s more important than ever to make sure all your car’s lights are working properly. Test the headlights, taillights, daytime running lights, and brake lights. While you’re at it, make sure none of the lenses are clouded or otherwise damaged.

Check the tires

Each season, check your tire treads to ensure that they’re not too worn and can still grip the road. If you can stick a quarter upside-down between treads and still see the top of George Washington’s head, it’s time to replace your tires. Even if they’re still in good shape, you can care for your tires and help them last longer by scheduling a rotation at Avery Greene Honda in Vallejo.

Check the battery

Your Honda’s battery worked extra hard on summer’s hottest days, so fall is a good time to have it tested and make sure it still has plenty of life left. You may also want to check the cables and terminals to make sure they’re not loose or corroding.

At Avery Greene Honda, we’re here to help with these and any other fall service steps you need — just contact our service department!

Honda Civic Type R | Avery Greene Honda | Vallejo, CA

Meet the Most Powerful Civic Type R Ever

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The 2023 Civic Type R is ready to set a new standard for Honda power, speed, and behind-the-wheel excitement — and it’s coming soon to Avery Greene Honda!

The new Civic Type R is the speediest, most powerful Type R ever, and it will also be the speediest, most powerful Honda ever sold in the United States. Plus, it’s been fully redesigned to perform brilliantly on both road and track.

For 2023, the Civic Type R will carry an upgraded turbo 2.0-liter engine and a six-speed manual transmission with rev matching. Honda hasn’t revealed this powertrain’s performance specs yet, but promises that you will be wowed when the time comes.

The Civic Type R boasts a new body that’s been lowered, widened, and lengthened to improve downforce and handling. The body is also lighter and more rigid than previous model years, and it’s bolstered by a refreshed suspension and steering system. Tougher bumpers and fenders, enhanced aerodynamic features, and vivid paint options give the Type R an upgraded look.

Inside, the Civic Type R shows off a red cabin color scheme and suede upholstery. High-tech new features like a +R driving mode meter and a Honda LogR™ data logger provide key performance information and make the Type R even more exciting to drive.

The 2023 Honda Civic Type R will be available this fall, and you can learn more by contacting our team here at Avery Greene Honda in Vallejo, California.

Hazard Light Safety | Avery Greene Honda | Vallejo, CA

When Should I Use My Vehicle’s Hazard Lights?

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Your vehicle’s hazard lights are designed to help you in an emergency, but when should you use them? Here’s a quick guide to situations where you’ll need to activate your hazard lights — and when you won’t.

When to turn on hazard lights

Generally, you’ll need to use your hazard lights for situations when you’re pulled off to the side of the road:

  • After you’re in a collision
  • When you have a breakdown
  • When you’re changing a tire

When a police vehicle pulls you over, you should turn on your hazard lights to communicate to the officer that you’ll pull off to the side as soon as possible. And if you’re driving in a funeral procession, you’ll probably be asked to turn on your hazard lights then as well.

When to leave hazard lights off

According to California state law, you can’t use hazard lights while driving except in an emergency. So avoid using them in other situations, like:

  • When you’re driving in bad weather (if you’re worried about visibility, it’s best to pull over somewhere)
  • When you’re driving more slowly than usual
  • When you’re parked illegally (which you shouldn’t do at all, lights or no lights)

Other states may have different hazard-light laws, so inform yourself about those if you plan to drive outside California soon.

To reduce the likelihood that you’ll need to use your hazard lights, be sure to stay current on maintenance for your vehicle. Need to get caught up? Contact our team of service experts here at Avery Greene Honda in Vallejo!

Emergency Brake Tips | Avery Greene Honda | Vallejo, CA

How and When You Should Use Your Car’s Emergency Brake

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You use your vehicle’s regular braking system every time you drive, but what about the emergency brake? Let’s take a closer look at how and when you should use this lesser-known — but very important — system.

Lever, pedal, or switch?

In older vehicles, the emergency brake is activated mechanically by pulling up a lever located between the front seats, or by pressing a pedal far to the left of your usual gas, brake, and clutch pedals. However, newer models often have an electronic emergency brake that you use by pulling a small switch on the console.

Perfect for parking

The emergency brake helps keep your vehicle in place when you park (especially when you’re on an incline) and take pressure off your transmission. To use it this way, put your vehicle in neutral, activate the emergency brake, and shift into park. Doing this will also ensure that your emergency braking system gets regular use and will be ready for an actual emergency.

An emergency backup

The emergency brake has less stopping power of regular brakes. However, if your regular brakes fail, you can still use the emergency brake to come to a gradual stop. To do this, pull up gradually on the lever or press down gradually on the pedal. With electronic systems, you may need to repeatedly pull the switch. For more specifics, be sure to check the owner’s manual for your vehicle.

In the best-case scenario, you’ll only ever need to use the emergency brake for parking. To boost peace of mind and decrease the likelihood of any serious brake problems, we recommend bringing your vehicle in for regular inspections here at Avery Greene Honda in Vallejo, California.

2020 Honda Pilot | Avery Greene Honda | Vallejo, CA

How to Transport a Paddleboard on Your Honda SUV or Truck

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Whether you stick near the San Francisco Bay area or head south to Big Sur, there are plenty of waves to catch along the Pacific coast here in California. Paddleboarding has become a popular hobby among outdoorsy folks in Vallejo, so here’s some advice on how to transport a paddleboard in your Honda SUV or truck from Avery Greene Honda.

Transporting a paddleboard in a Honda truck

You may be tempted to simply toss your paddleboard in the bed of your Honda Ridgeline and hit the road, but you should take the time to secure it properly. Use the cargo tie-down hooks to rope down the paddleboard tightly so it doesn’t slide around or lift off while you’re driving on the highway.

A great tool for transporting a paddleboard in a Honda truck is a truck rack, which allows you to store your board horizontally and still have room for other equipment. Pads are also essential so the board doesn’t knock against the tailgate and receive damage.

Transporting a paddleboard in a Honda SUV

Securing a paddleboard in a Honda SUV is not as straightforward, especially if you drive a compact crossover like the CR-V. Installing a roof-rail rack to your Honda SUV is the best solution; it provides easy rooftop fastening and transportation without impeding on seating space within the cabin.

If you don’t have roof rails on your Honda SUV, you’ll have to slide the paddleboard into the cabin. Buy some foam blocks and bungee cords to keep the board from sliding around while you drive.

Larger SUVs like the Pilot are big enough to hold a paddleboard with the liftgate closed, but you may need to stick the board out the rear or side windows. If you do, make sure it’s not obstructing your view or being a hazard to other drivers.

Want to install some paddleboard transportation accessories on your Honda SUV? Contact the parts department at Avery Greene Honda.

Tips For Data Usage | Avery Greene Honda | Vallejo, CA

Tips for Limiting Data Usage on Road Trips in Your Honda

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Summer is a great time of year to take a road trip in your Honda Accord, Honda Passport, or other Honda vehicle — especially if you live in California. If you rely on your smartphone for directions and entertainment on your drive, here are some tips for limiting data usage on road trips while you’re riding in your Honda.

Download instead of stream

Conserve your monthly data allotment by downloading podcasts and music when you’re on Wi-Fi® instead of streaming them via 4G usage in the car. You can also download maps to access later or turn off data after plugging in your destination.

Stop background apps

It’s not always the obvious apps that are draining your data; many apps still run in the background and consume mobile data. Check your phone’s data usage records and see if any inessential apps have been running in the background that you can restrict.

Pause on social media

Wait until you get back onto a secure Wi-Fi® network before checking your Facebook or Instagram feed. Those data-draining apps aren’t essential and can be skipped for now.

Sign up for in-car Wi-Fi®

Newer Honda models like the Odyssey offer an in-vehicle Wi-Fi® hotspot through AT&T. If your Honda vehicle offers this, consider enrolling in a plan for mobile internet access.

The Golden State has many beautiful road trip destinations, such as the redwood forests in NorCal, Hollywood in SoCal, and Yosemite National Park east of Vallejo. Before taking your next long-distance trip, make sure your Honda is ready for the journey with a maintenance checkup at the Avery Greene Honda service center.

Maintaining Your AC | Avery Greene Honda | Vallejo, CA

Tips for Maintaining Your Honda Vehicle’s Air Conditioning

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Summer in Vallejo gets very hot, and you need to stay cool during these sweltering months. You don’t want the air conditioning on your Honda Civic, Honda CR-V, or other Honda model to break and leave you sweating! Here are some tips from the Avery Greene Honda service center for maintaining the air conditioning system in your car.

Change the air filter

Where not talking about the air filter under the hood; your Honda has a different air filter in the cabin that sifts out dust and dirt from blasting through the AC system. Make sure you replace this filter every 6 months, because a clogged filter

Dust and unblock the vents

Make sure nothing is covering the air vents underneath your Honda vehicle’s seats. Also, wipe off the slots in the dashboard vents to remove any dust, dirt, or grime.

Run it on a cold setting

Your car’s air conditioning system works best when it’s on its coldest setting. A low temperature lets the system work efficiently and burn less fuel. Keep the AC on the coldest setting with a high fan speed or automatic climate control to keep the cold air moving.

If your Honda SUV, sedan, or truck needs an AC tune-up, schedule a service appointment at Avery Greene Honda before the temperatures get any hotter!

Family Road Trips | Avery Greene Honda | Vallejo, CA

Tips for Keeping Kids Quiet on Family Road Trips in Your Honda

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There’s nothing as memorable as taking a family road trip through northern California to see our state’s gorgeous national forests. Unfortunately, that scenic drive can be memorable for all the wrong reasons if your children are throwing tantrums the whole time. Here’s some advice for keeping kids quiet in the car from the parents at Avery Greene Honda.

Take breaks

You may be tempted to travel the full distance of your road trip without taking any breaks. But, the longer you drive without stopping, the more restless your children will become. Schedule time in your itinerary for detours to see local sights — not just take a bathroom break and keep moving. You can even the kids choose where and when to stop along the where.

Plan activities

Keep your kids occupied by providing in-vehicle activities that are fun, engaging, and creative. For example, pack scrapbooking kits that contain blank notebooks, crayons, glue, and scissors (if age appropriate). Encourage your children to gather items from your vacation — like pamphlets and leaves — and assemble them into a memory book.

Our Honda dealership in Vallejo has safe, quality family vehicles for sale like the Odyssey, Pilot, and Accord. Avery Greene Honda has sedans and SUVs in stock ranging from compact to large.  

Family Road Trips | Avery Greene Honda | Vallejo, CA

How to Pack Light on a Summer Road Trip in Your Honda

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Summer is the best time of year to hit the open road and see the beautiful forests of northern California. However, before you take off from Vallejo in your Honda Accord or CR-V, you should plan your road trip by packing properly. Here are some tips on how to pack for a road trip by minimizing your luggage and traveling light.

Double up

Most everything you wear should be usable more than once and in a variety of situations. For instance, pack a zip-up that functions as a rain jacket, a windbreaker, and comfortable loungewear. The same goes for items like shoes, which should be wearable on a hike or at a restaurant. Don’t pack anything that’s only useful in certain specific conditions.

Light and breezy

Instead of packing clothing made of thick, heavy materials, choose items that are lightweight, thin, and breathable. These take up much less space in your suitcase. For instance, pack hiking pants instead of jeans. If you’re worried about feeling cold, bring a jacket you can wear over any thin shirt rather than a bunch of thicker shirts or sweaters.

Another essential for every summer road trip in California should be to have your Honda vehicle serviced by a professional mechanic. Schedule a service appointment at Avery Greene Honda if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Pre-Order | Avery Greene Honda | Vallejo, CA

Pre-Order Your New Honda at Avery Greene Honda

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If you’re used to buying a car in Vallejo by driving to the dealership and seeing what’s currently on the lot, you should change the way you think about shopping for a new vehicle. Pre-ordering has become a convenient way to get the exact model, features, and color you want on your new Honda car, truck, SUV, or minivan. Here are some reasons to pre-order a new Honda from Avery Greene Honda.

Customize your Honda

Instead of settling for a predetermined combination of characteristics on a Honda model that’s already been built and delivered to our dealership, you can pre-order a Honda to make sure it has the traits you prefer. That includes selecting the color, trim level, optional packages, powertrain, and drivetrain.

Guaranteed availability

Sometimes, new Honda models are so popular they sell like hotcakes here at Avery Greene Honda and we run out of stock. Then, when you come to buy a new Odyssey, CR-V, or Ridgeline and we don’t have any more available, you’re out of luck. That’s been particularly common in recent years with supply shortages and high demand for new cars.

Pre-ordering ensures that you have your name on the Honda model you want, letting you reserve it before someone else buys it. You may have to wait a while for it to be built and delivered, but it can be worth the wait if you’re able to hold off on needing that new car right away.

If pre-ordering your next Honda vehicle sounds like the right choice for you, we encourage you to contact Avery Greene Honda and begin the pre-ordering process.

Honda Green Program | Avery Greene Honda | Vallejo, CA

How Honda Green Dealer Program Makes a Difference

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Over the decades, Honda has become a well-known, influential brand in the U.S. automotive industry. Part of the company’s commitment to our country is to keep the land green and healthy. That commitment to the environment extends to Honda dealerships through the Honda Green Dealer Program.

The automaker’s environmental leadership program facilitates the “greenification” of Honda dealerships across the U.S., which leads to a reduction in CO2 emissions. This national effort began in 2011, connecting dealerships with environmentally responsible operations, machines, and products.

At the 2022 National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Show, Honda shared insights from its decade of experience pursuing the goal of global carbon neutrality in its operations.

As a Honda Green Dealer Program participant, Avery Greene Honda strives to reduce energy consumption, water bills, and negative impact on the Vallejo environment. It should be no surprise that Avery Greene Honda is committed to environmentally conscious initiatives — it’s practically in our name!

How can you keep California beautiful? Drive a Honda model that uses a hybrid, electric, or plug-in electric powertrain. Vehicles like the Honda Clarity and CR-V Hybrid burn less gas than non-electric models, making them better for the environment and your wallet. Find a wide selection of hybrid models for sale in Vallejo here at Avery Greene Honda.

Green Honda Vehicles | Avery Greene Honda | Vallejo, CA

Green Honda Vehicles for St. Patrick’s Day

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Looking to go green this St. Patrick’s Day? While Honda doesn’t offer any vehicles that are actually painted green, we do have several models that’ll help you go green while also saving you green thanks to their outstanding efficiency ratings.

Honda Accord Hybrid

The Honda Accord Hybrid has been helping drivers go green for years. For 2022, this eco-friendly sedan is rated at 48 mpg in the city and 47 mpg on the highway.[1] But that efficiency doesn’t result in a loss of power — the Accord Hybrid also boasts 212 total system horsepower and responsive electric torque perfect for escaping those pesky leprechauns in a hurry.

Honda Insight

If you need even more efficiency than what the Accord Hybrid offers, the Insight is the car for you. This hybrid-only model gets up to 55 mpg in the city and 49 mpg on the highway.[2] And it also comes with an 8-year high-voltage battery limited warranty, giving you even more peace of mind as you enjoy being green for many more St. Patrick’s Days to come.

Honda CR-V Hybrid

Need something bigger? The 2022 Honda CR-V Hybrid comes with all the perks of the beloved HR-V crossover, while also adding fuel efficiency ratings of 40 mpg in the city and 35 mpg on the highway.[3] The only way this CR-V could get any greener is if it was literally painted green; unfortunately green is not one of the CR-V’s eight available color options.

When you’re ready to go green on the road and save your pot of gold from the gas pump leprechauns, contact our sales team at Avery Greene Honda in Vallejo, California.

[1] 48 city/47 highway/47 combined mpg rating for Hybrid and Hybrid EX-L. 44 city/41 highway/43 combined mpg rating for Hybrid Sport and Touring. Based on 2022 EPA mileage ratings. Use for comparison purposes only. Your mileage will vary depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle, driving conditions, battery-pack age/condition and other factors.

[2] 55 city/49 highway/52 combined mpg rating for the EX trim. 51 city/45 highway/48 combined mpg rating for the Touring trim. Based on 2022 EPA mileage ratings. Use for comparison purposes only. Your mileage will vary depending on driving conditions, how you drive and maintain your vehicle, battery-pack age/condition and other factors.

[3] 40 city/35 highway/38 combined mpg rating. Based on 2022 EPA mileage ratings. Use for comparison purposes only. Your mileage will vary depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle, driving conditions, battery-pack age/condition and other factors.

2022 Honda HR-V | Avery Greene Honda | Vallejo, CA

What We Love About the 2022 Honda HR-V

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The redesigned 2022 Honda HR-V was revealed back in January, and it’s looking as good as it did the day it debuted. While the all-new crossover has a ton of cool features, here are the three we love the most.

Magic Seat®

The Honda HR-V features the same Magic Seat® technology originally used in the Honda Fit. This allows you to fold the second-row seats flat to accommodate a wider variety of items than would typically fit in a subcompact crossover. You can also flip the seat cushions up to make room for taller items. In total, the HR-V boasts up to 58.8 cubic feet of cargo space.

All-Wheel Drive

The 2022 HR-V is with available Real Time AWD with Intelligent Control System™. This system can send power to all four wheels, allowing you to tackle rough terrain or inclement weather without worrying that you’ll lose traction.

Honda Sensing®

On EX and EX-L models, you’ll get added peace of mind thanks to Honda Sensing®, which is a suite of safety technologies designed to act as a second set of eyes behind the wheel. This includes Collision Mitigation Braking System™, Road Departure Mitigation System, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Lane Keeping Assist System.

The 2022 Honda HR-V is available now at Avery Greene Honda in Vallejo, California.

Honda Civic Type R | Avery Greene Honda | Vallejo, CA

Honda Displays Civic Type R Prototype at Tokyo Auto Salon

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For years, the Honda Civic Type R has exemplified the brand’s thrill-seeking, high-speed spirit, showing a side of the automaker that you may not see on display in other Honda models like the Pilot or Odyssey. A sporty, performance-oriented version of the Civic passenger sedan, the Civic Type R shows what Honda engineers can accomplish in a wide-production car made for the track.

Honda has been working on developing a new version of the Civic Type R that coincides with the 11th generation of the Civic. After being rigorously tested at the Suzuka Circuit, the all-new Honda Civic Type R made its first public appearance in January at the Tokyo Auto Salon, where attendees could see the camouflaged car up close.

Although complete details haven’t been publicly announced by the company yet, industry outlets like Car and Driver already have some predictions. They expect that the performance hatchback will retain a turbocharged engine and offer a manual transmission as standard.

Since this hot hatchback won’t be for sale at dealerships like Avery Greene Honda until the end of 2022, we still have plenty of time to wait for more information on the redesigned Civic Type R.

If you’re interested in driving a sporty Honda car like the Civic Type R, check out the Honda models we currently have for sale in Vallejo, California.

2022 Honda Passport | Avery Greene Honda | Vallejo, CA

2022 Honda Passport Changes Include New TrailSport Model

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Now that 2022 Honda models are rolling into Avery Greene Honda, we’re getting to see what’s new for this model year on our favorite models. A highlight for this year is the redesigned Honda Passport, which displays a restyled exterior and the launch of the first-ever Passport TrailSport version.

The most noticeable exterior changes involve the re-sculpted front end, which is now beefier thanks to the flared fenders, protruding bumper, and rigid hood. This makes the Passport look more rugged and chiseled — fitting considering the muscular 280-horsepower V6 under the hood.

The most exciting of the 2022 Honda Passport changes is the launch of a rugged, adventurous TrailSport version of the SUV. It includes upgrades for excursions in northern California, including roof rails for attaching bikes or kayaks; a navigation system to guide you to your destination; an Intelligent Traction Management system that optimizes grip on and off the road, 18-inch wheels for better traction, and available i-VTM4® all-wheel-drive.

The Trailsport also adds interior upgrades like leather-trimmed seats with orange contrast stitching.

This five-seat SUV is made for families who enjoy adventures — with or without children. Its rugged look and performance are highlights this year, so if the 2022 Honda Passport sounds like the ride for you, find it here at Avery Greene Honda in Vallejo, California.

Honda & the EPA Trends Report | Avery Greene Honda | Vallejo, CA

Takeaways from EPA Trends Report for Honda Owners

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We at Avery Greene Honda care about keeping our environment healthy and green — including our backyard here in Vallejo, California. That’s why we’re proud to sell Honda models, made by a manufacturer who strives for efficiency and sustainability.

In case you haven’t heard, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released its 2021 Automotive Trends Report assessing mainstream automakers for their fuel economy and environmental consciousness.

Fuel economy matters more than simply saving you money on gas fill-ups; it has a major impact on the atmosphere and environment by consuming fuel and emitting carbon dioxide. Generally, the more fuel-efficient a vehicle is, the better it is for the environment. And, the less CO2 emitted by a vehicle, the less damage it does to the atmosphere.

That’s why the EPA looked at the average MPG across each OEM’s lineup and the tailpipe CO2 emissions of all models in the lineup of every leading automaker. In both categories, Honda earned the top rank.[1] The Honda brand’s strive toward increasing the fuel economy of its lineup and offering more electrified vehicles in America have been part of the company’s vision for a greener future.

What does this mean for you as a driver in Vallejo, California? That if you want to preserve the beauty and natural elements of the San Francisco Bay Area, you’ll want to drive a vehicle that doesn’t guzzle gas and doesn’t belch a lot of fumes into the air. We at Avery Greene Honda recommend considering a Honda for your next vehicle since the EPA ranked them highly on its 2021 EPA Automotive Trends Report.

[1] This technical report does not necessarily represent final EPA decisions, positions, or validation of compliance data reported to EPA by manufacturers. It is intended to present technical analysis of issues using data that are currently available and that may be subject to change. Historic data have been adjusted, when appropriate, to reflect the result of compliance investigations by EPA or any other corrections necessary to maintain data integrity.

The purpose of the release of such reports is to facilitate the exchange of technical information and to inform the public of technical developments. This edition of the report supersedes all previous versions.

2022 Honda Civic Si | Avery Greene Honda | Vallejo, CA

2022 Honda Civic Si Coming to Avery Greene Honda

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Drivers in Vallejo who are looking for a stylish, athletic car to zip around the San Francisco Bay Area should check out the 2022 Honda Civic Si at Avery Greene Honda. This sport compact sedan boasts eye-catching flair and an improved turbocharged engine this year, among other updates. Here’s a quick word on what you should know about the Honda Civic Si release.

The latest Civic Si takes the sharp handling and smooth ride offered by prior generations and amps it up. At the heart of its redesign is a turbocharged high-output VTEC® 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine that’s bolstered by performance-oriented elements like a rev-matching six-speed manual transmission, limited-slip differential, and a carefully tuned suspension.

With 192 lb.-ft. of peak torque coursing through the sport sedan, you’ll experience a potent punch of power and swift acceleration when you press the pedal.

You’ll notice that the 2022 Civic Si looks more dynamic than it did before. That’s because its form has been adjusted to be more aerodynamic. Its sleek profile is further augmented by a black rear spoiler, aggressive bumper designs, and a honeycomb grille that practically smiles with confidence.

Of course, reading about how the 2022 Honda Civic Si has been tuned for thrilling drives cannot compare to actually getting behind the wheel and experiencing it for yourself. That’s why you should visit Avery Greene Honda and check out the latest Civic Si in person on a test drive.

2021 Honda CR-V | Avery Greene Honda | Vallejo, CA

Honda Sensing 360 Tech Aims to Increase Driver Safety

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The vehicles you’ll find here at Avery Greene Honda are designed to keep you and your passengers safe on the road here in Vallejo, California. For example, newer Honda models like the 2021 Pilot and 2022 CR-V already offer driver assistance tools as part of the Honda Sensing® suite.

Now, the automaker has set a plan to make driving even safer, with the ultimate goal of eliminating traffic collision fatalities involving its vehicles by 2050. How will the brand achieve this goal? Through its next generation of driver-assistance technologies: Honda Sensing® 360.

As the next phase of the company’s plan to give drivers the tools needed to increase awareness and avoid crashes behind the wheel, Honda Sensing® 360 earns its name by being an omni-directional safety system that virtually eliminates blind spots around the vehicle. This all-inclusive monitoring of your surroundings is achieved through the use of next-level sensors and monitors.

This level of safety innovation would be a major help to drivers in the San Francisco Bay Area, especially those who commute a long distance into and out of downtown. If you want to learn more about the latest Honda safety systems currently on the latest cars and SUVs and how they can help improve your protection on the road, visit Avery Greene Honda.

Vallejo, CA | Avery Greene Honda

Top California Winter Destinations Near Vallejo

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Don’t let the brisk winds and cold temperatures of winter in Vallejo stop you from experiencing this time of year. There are plenty of fun California winter destinations to experience, especially here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Here are some of our favorites.

Mammoth Mountain

A half-day’s drive east of Vallejo in the direction of Yosemite National Park will bring you to Mammoth Mountain. This snow-covered peak is a fantastic skiing destination and a truly wondrous sight to behold this time of year. In fact, the entire Inyo National Forest that surrounds it is picturesque in winter, making the drive as enjoyable as the destination.

Napa and Sonoma

A destination that’s a bit closer to home, California’s famous wine country is just a short drive from Vallejo. Although you can visit these vineyards any time of year, why should you wait until winter? Because all the tourists stay home and locals often have the tasting rooms all to themselves!

True, you won’t be able to sit outside and sip your Chardonnay under the warm summer sun, but the world-class wine tastes just as good in winter as it does any other time of the year.

Now that winter is arriving and our warm California weather is changing to chilly coastal gusts, make sure your car is ready. Bring your Honda SUV or car to Avery Greene Honda for a winter maintenance checkup by our service team.

Honda Launches New ‘Forever Determined’ Ad Campaign

New Honda Ad Campaign | Avery Greene Honda | Vallejo, CA

The new “Forever Determined” ad campaign showcases some of Honda’s most innovative past, present, and future vehicles — cars, of course, but also bicycles, motorcycles, flying machines, and more.

“As Honda prepares for our electrified future, we want to connect with brand enthusiasts and a new generation of customers to show how the values of Honda have brought a wide range of innovative mobility products to life,” said Jessika Laudermilk, Honda Auto Marketing’s senior manager. “From the road to the ocean to the skies, we’re sharing how Honda is embarking on new mobility initiatives to help people make their lives better today and into the future.”

As you watch the “Forever Determined” ad spot, you’ll see Honda’s entire history laid out: 70-plus years’ worth of cutting-edge mobility solutions, narrated by official brand voice John Cena.

The past

Important past models showcased in the ad include the RC142 Motorcycle, the land-speed record-setting Honda S-Dream Streamliner, and the Formula 4 Power Stroke racing boat.

The present

“Forever Determined” also touches on current Honda products like the 2023 Honda Civic Type R, the HondaJet Elite S, and the Baja Ridgeline race truck.

The future

In addition, you’ll catch a glimpse of Honda’s cutting-edge future, which includes the amazing Honda hybrid eVTOL aircraft, expanded electrification, and much more.

At Avery Greene Honda in Vallejo, California, we’re really excited about where our brand has been and where it’s headed over the next several years. And be sure to stop in soon for a look at what Honda is up to right now!

Best Places to Drive Your New Honda Near the Bay Area

2023 Honda HR-V Sport | Avery Greene Honda | Vallejo, CA

Now that you’re behind the wheel of your new Honda CR-V, Civic, or Pilot, it’s time to have some fun! The Bay Area boasts dozens of beautiful scenic driving routes, and here are a few that are sure to help you unwind after a week of commuting, family hauling, and errands.

Sir Francis Drake Boulevard

You’ll see a little bit of everything on your drive along Sir Francis Drake Boulevard. This scenic route begins in Marin, and you’ll encounter small towns, big redwoods, and lovely views en route to majestic coastal dunes, yellow sands, and a historic lighthouse at Point Reyes.

Wildcat Canyon Road

Heading south from Vallejo, you can get to Wildcat Canyon Road via I-80 or San Pablo Dam Road. This route takes you through Tilden Park and the Berkeley Hills while providing sweeping views of Berkeley and San Francisco. Be sure to stop at Inspiration Point and take it all in!

Highway 1

Highway 1 curves along the Pacific coastline for hundreds of gorgeous miles. The stretch just south of Pacifica is an especially fun one. Be sure to stop at spots like Mori Point, Gray Whale State Cove Beach, and Pigeon Point Lighthouse on your way to Natural Bridges State Beach in Santa Cruz.

Your new Honda will be good to go, but if you’re driving a vehicle you’ve owned for a while, make time to stop at Avery Greene Honda in Vallejo to get caught up on service before heading out on your scenic adventure!

2022 Honda CR-V | Avery Greene Honda | Vallejo, CA

Refresh your Honda CR-V with These Nifty Accessories

It’s only been a year since you purchased your CR-V from Avery Greene Honda, and already you’re itching to upgrade it with some new features. Now that you’ve become familiar with your 2020 or 2021 Honda CR-V, you can enhance it with some of these official OEM accessories from Honda.

Board or kayak attachment

Do you enjoy riding the Pacific Ocean waves during the summer? Easily attach your portable watercraft to the CR-V roof with roof rails and clips from Honda that are specifically made for your surfboard, bodyboard, paddleboard, longboard, or kayak.

Tent attachment

If you prefer heading east into the mountains, order an attachable tent. Official Honda tents are specifically made to easily attach to the cargo opening of the CR-V. Now you can go camping in Yosemite for a weekend under the stars and have easy access to extra sleeping or storage space in your SUV.

Appearance upgrades

Regardless of your hobbies, you can buy CR-V accessories that make the compact crossover look modern and trendy. Chrome exhaust pipe finisher, tailgate spoiler, chrome fender emblems, and running boards are popular products. They look great and give your CR-V more resale appeal.

To order Honda CR-V accessories Vallejo, California, contact Avery Greene Honda. Our parts department has access to the full Honda OEM accessories catalog. Plus, our service technicians can quickly install accessories for you.

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