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Rent 2017 Models at Avery Greene Honda

Rent 2017 models

At Avery Greene Honda, we don’t think renting a car should be difficult or boring. That’s why we offer rentals of select 2017 models directly from our dealership. Whether you’re interested in an extended test of a new car or in need of an up-to-date and feature-packed vehicle for short-term use, we’ve got you covered.

Current 2017 models available for rent include the 2017 Honda Accord and the 2017 Honda Civic. Whichever one you pick, you can rest assured that you won’t be stuck with whatever aging or outdated vehicle that other rental services provide.

Both the 2017 Accord and 2017 Civic offer modern style, advanced technology features, and an innovative safety suite you can rely on, no matter the driving conditions you encounter.

Each model can be rented for only $30* per day, and rental arrangements can be made by phone during normal business hours. At time of vehicle pickup, present your valid driver’s license, current auto insurance information or card, and a valid credit card.

Forget about settling for a disappointing rental. At Avery Greene Honda, you can experience the perks of driving a new car without the long-term commitment of buying. Stop in to learn more about our rental program today.

*Other fees and taxes could apply.

Helpful Tips: Safe Summer Driving

This summer, you’re likely to be tempted (as many are) to take your Honda out for a drive. Maybe you’re planning a big drive across the country, or perhaps you’ll have the sudden urge to take a trip across town one evening; whatever the case, something about warm summer weather lends itself to driving.

Summertime, however, is not without its fair share of dangers on the road. Follow these helpful tips from Avery Greene Honda to ensure that you stay safe on all your car rides this summer!

  • Before taking off on a long road trip, be sure to have your vehicle checked for any  problems. The last thing you want on your summer vacation is a car issue cutting into your relaxation time!
  • Be careful of pedestrians on the roads!
    While some flock to their cars in the summer, many others take to walking, biking or other recreational activities. Watch out for potential hazards that may come from people outside soaking up the sun.
  • Summertime also means teen drivers. With school out, many more inexperienced drivers will be hitting the roads in July and August. Be cautious and patient on the road, especially at night.

Avery Greene Honda of Vallejo, CA wishes you safe driving this summer! Should you run into any trouble on the road, remember that Avery Greene Honda maintains a fantastic service department that can assist you with everything from part replacements to detailed repairs. We also maintain an excellent selection of used cars at great prices near San Francisco, Fairfield, Concord and Napa!

Green Car Journal Names Honda ECO Assist a Top Green Technology

Honda’s ECO Assist fuel-conserving technology was recently selected by Green Car Journal as one of the top 10 green car technologies for 2013, making it a finalist for the journal’s Green Car Technology Award.

The innovative ECO Assist technology features a speedometer backlight that monitors driving performance and helps drivers learn the best driving techniques to conserve fuel. The meter responds to driving based on fuel efficiency, with different colors representing different levels of fuel efficient driving. Smooth driving and braking will produce a green-colored meter, while more forceful accelerating and stopping generates a blue warning light.

On top of ECO Assist, Honda drivers also have the option to use an ECON button located on dashboards that optimizes systems based on driving situations to further save fuel.

Hybrid Honda models feature a display with more in-depth fuel-conservation information. These models provide long-term driving information for drivers, including statistics from past trips and average fuel economy numbers.

2013 marks the first year of Green Car Journal’s Green Car Technology Award. The award acknowledges innovations in fuel-efficiency, emission control and other environmental concerns for automobiles currently in production.

To find out more about ECO Assist technology and other Honda features, visit Honda’s website.

ECO-Assist is available on several new Honda models available at Avery Greene Honda, including the 2013 Civic, Insight, CR-V and Accord. For a full list of Avery Greene models, check out our New Cars page!

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