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2014 Honda Odyssey

The 2014 American-Made Index Includes 3 Honda Vehicles

Every year, Cars.com releases the American-Made Index, which rates “vehicles built and bought in the U.S” on factors that “include the percentage of parts considered domestic under federal regulations, whether the car is assembled in the U.S., and U.S. sales.” Under these rules, obviously, it’s not just the Detroit Big 3 that’s eligible to be named one of the best American-made cars. In fact—Honda happens to boast three vehicles on the 2014 American-Made Index, a ten-car list.

2014 Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey was named one of the most American-made cars by Cars.com!

The Honda Odyssey, which is built in Lincoln, Alabama, comes in at number three on the list, while the Honda Ridgeline and Crosstour slide in at numbers 8 and 9, respectively. The Ridgeline is also built in Lincoln, but the Crosstour is assembled up in East Liberty, Ohio. Honda’s strong presence in North American manufacturing has helped North American sales as well—Honda sold a total of 129,023 Honda and Acura vehicles in June 2014 alone.

So, when you’re brimming with patriotism this Fourth of July weekend, remember that just because Honda’s headquarters aren’t in the States doesn’t mean it’s an un-American brand. In fact, if we dare to say it, we think you just might find that Honda is even more American than those other brands that pretend to bleed red, white, and blue.

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New Honda Ridgeline Builds on Legacy of Innovation

Honda fans will be happy to learn that an all-new Honda Ridgeline is set to debut within the next two years, featuring a new styling direction set for the next generation.

Though the Ridgeline is currently on fire on the market with sales up 29% in 2013, Honda says that it will be ending its production in mid-2014 to make way for the new model. The Ridgeline has a history of great quality and several awards under its belt—such as the North American Truck of the Year and Motor Trend Truck of the Year awards—so we’re expecting the next-generation model to amaze us like all its predecessors.

Honda is especially keen to build on the truck’s legacy of innovation and unique design. “The next generation Ridgeline will build on Honda’s role in creating new value with a new take on advancing form and function in the truck segment,” said Michael Accavitti, senior vice president of automobile operations for American Honda. “With a clear path forward, Ridgeline will play an even more important role in our future product portfolio and strengthen an already class-leading lineup of light trucks.”

You’ll be able to find the new Ridgeline when it comes out at Avery Greene Honda.

New Truck Profile: 2014 Honda Ridgeline

The 2014 Honda Ridgeline sport utility truck has arrived at Avery Greene Honda in Vallejo, CA! Read on to learn more about the exciting new vehicle.

Combining the comfort and performance of an SUV with the Cargo space and shape of a traditional pickup truck, the Ridgeline is a unique standout vehicle for both the Honda lineup and the entire automobile industry. This year adding a fifth “Special Edition” trim to its lineup (which will be available in November), the Ridgeline will be available with a great variety of customizable options and great features, including a 60/40 folding rear seat, a rearview camera and an optional navigation system.

Honda has also announced that the Ridgeline will not be available as a 2015 model, returning in 2016 with a completely new design.

“The increased customer interest in Ridgeline this year demonstrates the important role Ridgeline will continue to play in the Honda lineup,” said American Honda Executive Vice President of Sales John Mendel.

For a full list of specs and features available for the 2014 Honda Ridgeline sport utility truck visit Honda online!

Avery Greene Honda is excited to announce the release of the all-new 2014 Ridgeline! The truck joins our constantly-growing inventory of 2014 Honda vehicles like the new Accord and CR-V. More 2014 Honda cars are still to come later this year, including the all-new Civic and Insight. To stay up-to-date on new models, be sure to check our website, blog and Twitter pages regularly!

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