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Valentine's Day

Car-Themed Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine's Day

Check out these Valentine’s Day – Car Themed Gift Ideas!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. You probably feel like you just bought a gift for your significant other last year, but it’s time to do it again. If your loved one happens to love cars, too, here are a few suggestions for some car-themed Valentine’s Day gifts.

  • Visit the California Automobile Museum. Located less than an hour away is the California Automobile Museum. The institute will have a special exhibit opening on February 14 that features “a feast of spectacular fins, chrome, and colors.” With tickets just $8 per adult, this would be a fun, inexpensive way to spend the day with your sweetie.
  • Satellite Radio Subscription. Once you’ve experienced the joy that is coast-to-coast, commercial-free radio, you can never go back to the standard dial. You can get a one-year subscription to SiriusXM radio for only $199.
  • Get the car detailed. Nothing beats having your car detailed. Imagine feeling like you’re driving a brand new vehicle—then give that feeling to your beloved.
  • Rent an exotic car. If your sweetheart yearns for a truly exotic car, consider renting one for a weekend and take it on some long, scenic drives.

What Valentine’s Day gift will you be getting for your sweetie?

unknown beings

History of ASIMO

Enough about cars and events; let’s take a look at robotics. More specifically, let’s look at the history of ASIMO, Honda’s operational humanoid robot.

unknown beings

Learn more about ASIMO at Avery Greene Honda

In 1986, Honda took up a new challenge: create a two-legged, walking robot. The first three models were engineered to walk like a human. The next three dealt with stabilization and stair climbing. The first humanoid, the P1, stood 6’ 2” tall and weighed over 350 pounds. The next model, the P2, improved walking, climbing, descending, and wireless automatic movement. The final model, the P3, stands at 5’ 2” and weighs 287 pounds.

Today, ASIMO can run and walk on uneven ground, turn without error, climb stairs, grab objects, and respond to simple commands. Other abilities and miracles of engineering are facial recognition for a small group of people, mapping its environment via camera eyes, and avoiding moving obstacles as it walks.

The future of ASIMO looks bright as it tours the world to inspire young students. Someday ASIMO may serve as a set of eyes, ears, arms, or legs for those who can’t use their own. It may also fight fires and clean up toxic spills. ASIMO has come a long way in the past few decades; we at Avery Greene Honda don’t think that’s surprising, though—it is Honda’s handiwork after all.

Michigan Police

Michigan Police Give Gifts Instead of Tickets

Michigan PoliceGetting pulled over is the worst. Even worse in the holiday season when you already have money hemorrhaging from your accounts—a ticket can really put a damper on the holiday spirit. In a welcome change of pace, some local Michigan police officers are issuing gifts instead of tickets.

As a part of the Uplift Someone Christmas initiative, Officer Scot VanSolkema of the Lowell Police Department pulled over several drivers for a variety of supposed driving violations. Instead of asking for their license and registration, Officer VanSolkema asked each driver what was on his or her Christmas wish list.

The kind-hearted officer then radioed to fellow officers on standby, who purchased the gifts and delivered them directly to each offender, right there on the side of the road. How’s that for holiday spirit?

Here at Avery Green Honda, we can’t help but wonder, what if we all did more to turn more bad days into good ones for others? Watch the video, get inspired, and do something for someone else this holiday season.

New Honda Campaign

New Honda Campaign, “Throwback Toy Tunes,” Pushes Holiday Sales

New Honda Campaign

Honda is in the Holiday Spirit with “Throwback Toy Tunes!”

A new Honda campaign called “Throwback Toy Tunes” has been launched, and the brand is hoping that the campaign will push holiday sales of its vehicles. The campaign is made up of videos featuring old-school toys—Gumby and Pokey, and Skeletor and He-Man, for example. The campaign is also a charity drive and competition—the video that gets the most views will win extra money for the charity it supports.

“Honda is committed to being a company that society wants to exist. And we are dedicated to giving back and bringing joy to people’s lives,” said Susie Rossick, senior manager at American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “There is no better holiday gift than helping the efforts of the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, Little League Urban Initiative and Children’s Hospital of Orange County and having some fun in social media while we’re at it.”

Check out all the videos online—and click refresh a few times for your favorite. Also, come see us here at Avery Greene Honda to see more of the inventory and product line that these awesome new nostalgic commercials promote. We love our vehicles and we can’t wait to pass that love on to you!

Honda’s F1 Return Could be Explosive

Those familiar with the sport will tell you that to call Honda’s return to Formula 1 “exciting” would be a major understatement. The automaker has a rich heritage as an engine supplier and is famous for that incredible run in 1988, when it powered McLaren to 15 wins out of 16 races and an equal amount of pole positions. In fact, it would have been 16 wins had Ayrton Senna not collided with a lapped car.

After that explosive year, Honda-powered McLaren cars continued to dominate, winning three additional back-to-back constructors’ and drivers’ championships, until Honda withdrew from the sport in 1993.

Next year, Honda will be back, and once again partnered with McLaren. The new engine formula is particularly well-suited for a manufacturer like Honda, who is already very familiar with V6 engines and hybrid systems. We all hope to see something exceptional from Honda’s F1 return next year here at Avery Greene Honda! Get a taste of what’s to come in the video below.

Find Questlove's Fit Sweepstakes

New Year to Remember: Honda Presents Find Questlove’s Fit Sweepstakes

Find Questlove's Fit Sweepstakes

You Could Celebrate New Year’s in NYC!

If you’re like us here at Avery Greene Honda, watching the ball drop in Times Square on New Year’s is on your bucket list. And, we mean standing in line for hours to catch a glimpse of the ball dropping live and in person; the TV doesn’t count. Thanks to Honda, you could be checking that item off your list in style with the Find Questlove’s Fit Sweepstakes.

It’s easy to enter: simply head to Honda’s website. You can choose one of three game boards, or all three, where you’ll find musician Questlove’s 2015 Honda Fit, turntables, and drum set. With each item found, you can submit an entry for a chance to win the trip to NYC.

Each entrant can submit up to nine entries, one for each item found on the three game boards, through Nov. 15. Don’t forget to check out the official rules.

The winner and one guest will be notified around Nov. 21 that they’ll be ringing in the New Year with a Honda VIP experience. It promises to be a trip for the books.

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