The LA Auto Show is usually a great indicator of auto trends: and it’s looking like a green Christmas this year, according to a report from NBCNews. As many as 50 cars, trucks, and SUVs will make their initial debut at the this year’s LA Auto Show, giving a feel for the upcoming year. And 2013’s looking, well, more than a little green.

Show-goers will likely take notice of Honda’s new plug-in, the Accord PHEV. The Accord PHEV will be part of the all-new Honda platform, but will be able to fun in all-electric mode for in-town driving and in hybrid mode for over 500 miles without being plugged.

And, high-efficiency gas motors will continue to be big a big deal in 2013 due to their affordability and practicality. The Honda Fit is expected to be a major player once again this year.