Are you in love with your car? Are the two of you inseparable? Are you even considering getting down on one knee and popping the question?

Okay, maybe you’re not that obsessed? But according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (or ACSI if acronyms are your thing), the automotive industry’s overall ranking for customer satisfaction is higher now than it has been in twenty years!

We at Avery Greene Honda can’t say we’re too surprised. Automakers all around the world, especially Honda, have been stepping up their game to deliver quality products—vehicles achieving unbelievable power without sacrificing fuel efficiency; vehicles laden with the latest infotainment and connected technology; vehicles achieving the highest safety scores possible all across the board; vehicles, in other words, that just plain rock!

Want to check out some of the vehicles that consumers really seem to take to? Then stop by Avery Greene Honda today and consider test driving the CR-V, the Accord, the Civic, the Odyssey, or any of Honda’s other critically-acclaimed vehicles!