Bruce Willis begins his Honda Super Bowl ad by asking the ill-fated question: “Great game, right?” Oh, Mr. Willis, if only you knew. Of course, this was the only aspect of Honda’s #hugfest ad that wasn’t entirely on point. The commercial defies expectations of crashing a car or blowing things up, instead offering soft piano music, v-neck sweaters, and a creepy appearance by Portlandia’s Fred Armisen.

The Die Hard star’s primary goal is to talk to viewers about car safety, which is particularly prescient after Honda’s Monday announcement that they build the most top safety-rated vehicles in America. He instructs you to hug the friends, family, neighbors, and loved ones who were no doubt crowding around you on Sunday evening with handfuls of chips and pizza (or mouthfuls) and remember that Honda’s vehicles keep them safe.

The slow pan-out reveals the almost terrifying presence of SNL alum Armisen, who is clasping tight around John McClain’s waist.

“Our simple, yet engaging, big-game spot is intended to highlight not only Honda’s deep concern for the safety of our customers, but the actual industry-leading crash test results that back up our commitment,” said Mike Accavitti, senior vice president of auto operations at American Honda Motor Co., Inc, in a statement. “We know that safety is high on a new-car shopper’s purchase consideration list. Honda leads the industry in crash test performance and the Super Bowl represents a great opportunity to move the needle on consumer awareness of that fact.”

In addition to the ad itself, Honda was live-Tweeting video reactions from Willis as the game unfolded. Including a victory hug for Seattle, a consolation hug for Denver, and even hugs for holding calls, Willis was giving away hugs as readily as Denver seemed willing to give away the Lombardi Trophy.

Did you engage in a #hugfest during the Super Bowl? We here at Avery Greene Honda want to know! Send us your best picture of you and your friend hugging it out…but please, no creepy Fred Armisens.