It was a long time coming, but it’s finally happened. The Honda Civic is now the best-selling compact sedan in America, after it sold 27,328 units in October, besting the Toyota Corolla’s 23,637. The Civic is also ahead of the Corolla’s year-to-date sales, sitting at 280,899 units to the latter’s 257,184.

It doesn’t seem like the Civic is going to get any competition from anyone else either, as its closest rivals other than the Corolla are the Chevrolet Cruze and Ford Focus, which only sold a measly 16,087 and 15,108 models last month, respectively. These numbers are also not getting any closer: year-over-year, both the Civic and the Corolla have experienced double-digit sales growth while the Cruze and Focus have significantly dropped off.

It seems, then, that the battle for the best-selling compact sedan is between the two Japanese titans, but for now the Honda Civic is a clear winner.

And it’s no wonder. With its combination of convenient size, fuel economy, value, and legendary reliability, we rarely see customers leave the Avery Greene Honda lot happier than with a Civic. Stop by and you could be one of them!