Do you remember the days of the drive-in movie theater? Back before Netflix, Movies On Demand, Blu-Ray or even widely released VHS tapes, drive-in theaters were one of the most exciting alternative ways to see new movies. On Friday and Saturday nights, children, adults, dating couples and plenty of others would flock to the local theater around dusk, set their radio dials to the specified frequency and tune in for a double feature.

With today’s rapidly advancing technologies, however, iconic American drive-in theaters across the country are facing extinction. Because of costly widespread upgrades to digital projectors, many theaters will find closing their doors the most cost-effective solution.

Honda wants to help preserve the drive in theater! This month, the automaker is offering fans and drive-in enthusiasts the chance to save their favorite theaters – all you have to do is vote for your local theater! The 5 theaters that earn the most votes will receive a brand new digital projector.

Fans can also support their local theaters in a number of other ways, including pledging to view a drive in movie and sharing support for drive-ins on social media by using the #SaveTheDriveIn hashtag.

Avery Greene Honda encourages customers to help keep the drive-in alive! Tweet @AveryGreeneHonda and use the #SaveTheDriveIn hashtag to show your support!