The Honda Miimo, Honda’s personal robot lawnmower, is currently on display at the 2013 Honda Classic golf tournament.

The Miimo is Honda’s first domestic robot that is widely available for public use. The robot operates by continuously trimming designated areas several times a week via sensors and below-ground boundaries. Miimo cuts just millimeters of grass at a time, allowing grass clippings to naturally recycle back into soil where they act as a fertilizer. The result is a healthy and effort-free lawn that is consistently trimmed.

Miimo also utilizes safety sensors that shut the robot off and sound an alarm when the device leaves the ground. Sensors will detect close objects, which Miimo will avoid. The robot is easily chargeable via a simple docking station.

Miimo will be on display from today through March 3 at the 2013 Honda Classic golf tournament, an event on the PGA Tour. The robot will demonstrate its functions between the 10th and 18th fairways, as well as at the main entrance of the golf course.

“Honda Power Equipment always has worked hard to produce products that help people get things done with maximum convenience and ease,” said Scott Conner, Vice President of Honda Power Equipment. “The Miimo robotic lawn mower is the ultimate expression of those efforts”

For more information on Miimo and other Honda innovations, visit Honda’s website.

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